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Ultimate Color Switch Hack Cheats for unlimited Diamonds, Gold, Wood, Iron and Stones
What is Color Switch?

Color Switch is one of those games that are meant to be played to push your limits and test your skills. It’s a game that is frustrating at first, but once you get better at it, it becomes an enjoyable challenge. The simplistic artstyle and gameplay both accomodate this design decision, which might be a recipe for an addicting game.

But what exactly is this game? It’s quite simple, actually: You control a ball, which can be moved upwards by tapping on the screen repeatedly. One tap will give it a small boost, then it will fall back down, but tapping again and again will keep the ball moving for as long as you continue doing so. The trick comes in the fact that there are obstacles ahead, and you have to pass through them unharmed.

Each obstacle is made up of one or multiple types of shapes, such as a circle, square, triangle, a bunch of lines, a cross or dots. Parts of each of these shapes are also colored in one of four colors: red, yellow, purple and light blue. Your ball also has a single color, but it doesn’t stay the same for long, as you must move it through color switches after passing each shape obstacle. These color switches then change the ball’s color to another random one of the four possible ones, which will allow it to pass through the same colored parts of obstacles.

Your goal in Color Switch is to collect as many stars as possible, which will give you a score based on how many you got before failing by allowing the ball fall back down, or by touching parts of an obstacles that is differently colored than the ball. The stars are always located in the middle of shapes or in between them, therefore passing through them is required to gather stars and score points.

But it’s not as easy as it might sound at first, as each shape will also constantly turn or move, and some obstacles even contain multiple shapes, each turning or moving at different speeds. Perfect timing and patience are required to be successful at this challenging title.

While the game has no in-app purchases or currencies of any kind, it features global leaderboards, where you can see the highest scores ever, and use it as a motivation to do better. Color Switch supposedly also has achievements, but these don’t work at the moment. What works though are ads, and these appear as pop-in ads after every 6th or 7th retry, but it only takes a second to quit out of them.

Color Switch Hack Tool & Cheats

Do you want to unlock no ads & high score in Color Switch for free? Download our free Color Switch hack tool now, straight from our site. This tool will easily and quickly allow you to unlock high score & no ads.

The Color Switch hack tool is super simple to use. See the image below? This is what it looks like. Just download it and click the button that says “start.” Enter the score you want. Jailbreaking or APK rooting is not required for the Color Switch 2016 hack to work. To download the hack software either click the download button on this page.

Color Switch Hack

Color Switch Hack Features:
Unlimited Resources(Scores, No Ads, Double Stars)
Server based(Hack is online based)
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Works on Android/iOS devices
Anti-Ban Script
Automatic Updates

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